Our REST API is the main tool you use to contribute features and algorithms to the ecosystem. This document walks you through how to do so, with specific attention to the alpha test that starts June 1st, 2022.

During the alpha test, everything, including this API, is brand new. If any part of using the API, or onboarding in general, is not intuitive after reading this document, please send us an email,\footnote{gina [at] judgeresearch [dot] co.} or send us a message on Telegram.\footnote{[at] ckerman} We will respond as soon as we see it (we are all on EST time) and try to smooth out whatever was the issue.

The goal is to make this easy, fun, and useful for you, but this is an alpha test: We surely will need your feedback to get things right.

The Basics

The basic workflow for contributing features to the ecosystem:

  1. Sign up at and copy the API key given to you in your profile. Don’t share this API key
  2. Format your data as our JSON object (see below)
  3. Submit the data going back to the earliest date of the particular series to which you are submitting
  4. Schedule a cron job to submit that data at the time intervals of that series.

The following pages walk you through everything you need to know to submit features and begin claiming subspaces of the feature space.

If you like, you can use our SDK to skip all of these steps (other than the feature engineering itself) but it is still probably a good idea to read the below, so you can understand some of the more granular choices that can be made.

Submitting Your Features and Algorithms

Submitting Algorithms

The goal of the main launch is to accept both algorithms and features. However for the alpha test we do not have means to test algorithms you submit without looking at your code. The alpha test will therefore be primarily limited to the submission of features.

We will include a basic library of models that will be genes responsible for turning other genes into forecasts. If you want to submit algorithms, get in touch at [email protected].

Submitting Features

For the alpha test, the endpoint to submit features, via a PUT request, is,